Our North Star

A society where every life is valuable and full of limitless potential.


Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision 

A society where every life is valuable and full of limitless potential. We are committed to breaking barriers, helping people in crises, and taking Breakthrough coaching to the world.

Our mission

To change lives and save lives. We change lives through Breakthrough mindset coaching to empower people to break free from limiting beliefs, unleash their full potential, and discover their unique purpose. We save lives by conducting international humanitarian rescue operations to help the forgotten and vulnerable.

Our values

We serve a “noble pursuit,” or a higher purpose than ourselves. By joining us people can fuel their passion to fulfill their life’s purpose and make a difference by helping those around them rise higher.

Breakthrough is a tool to help people reach their highest and best self, to break down personal barriers, discover their purpose, and realize their full potential.

Positive Mental Attitude
We believe in the power of a positive mental attitude and aim to foster positivity in everything we do.

Remember the Forgotten
Responding to crises around the world, we help the forgotten, those who are the most vulnerable and troubled in society. We work with local community leaders to alleviate suffering and get them to safety. We provide Breakthrough coaching to help them overcome traumatic situations they are experiencing.

Fiduciary Responsibility
We are good stewards of the resources we are provided and honor donor intent within the scope of our mission.

Impact of Changing Lives and Saving Lives
We are committed to going “above and beyond” to make the most significant impact possible on the lives of those we serve.

Ripple Effect on Families and Communities
We believe empowered people create better outcomes for themselves and those around them. We share our knowledge and experience, through Breakthrough coaching certification to help others, like themselves, reclaim their power and live a more fulfilling life.

We operate at an elevated level of honesty and transparency to earn and maintain the public’s trust. We communicate openly and honestly with the community, partners, donors, and the individuals we serve.

We believe in upholding the dignity of every human being and respecting every person’s right to be treated with compassion.



BREAK FREE from your past.
CREATE your future.
DISCOVER your purpose.