Operation Breakthrough for Ukraine

The largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII

We are all heartbroken for the Ukrainian people. The Krohn Breakthrough Foundation is ready to take action. As you may know, we have successfully launched humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Now, it’s time for a new operation: Operation Breakthrough for Ukraine October 3rd – October 8th 2022 . And we want you involved!

Here’s what we are doing. The Krohn Breakthrough Foundation will be boots on the ground hand-delivering aid, medical supplies to those on the front lines, and besieged cities. We are working closely with two very impactful organizations on the ground along
the Poland/Ukraine border. Together, we can save lives, improve well-being, and help the Ukrainians break through this crisis. The time is now. Can we count on your financial support?

BREAK FREE from your past.
CREATE your future.
DISCOVER your purpose.

Our Mission

We Heal the Broken Hearted by Bringing Breakthrough and Emotional Intelligence to the World.

Breakthroughs Completed With the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation Method

What is Breakthrough?

Breakthrough is the process of confronting the limiting beliefs you created during your past experiences, and removing them and their hold on your life. By doing this, you are able to move forward with beliefs you choose to accept. 

By the time we’re in our 20s, we’ve created thousands of beliefs about ourselves based on experiences from our youth. Our experiences with our family, culture and surroundings teach us about our worth, what our future holds, what we can and cannot do. 

As children, our brains attach emotionally charged moments with a belief about ourselves and the world. These beliefs are what enable us to exist in loving, healthy relationships or stay stuck in the toxic cycle of abuse and neglect. 

Breakthrough is for Everyone

Breakthrough is especially for those who are recovering from trauma, abuse of any kind, toxic cultural messaging and damaging relationships.

Breakthrough is for you if you’re ready to stop being the victim, and are ready to take back control of your life.

Our goal is 10,000 breakthroughs in 2022.

Non-Profits and Foundations

We give survivors of physical, sexual and emotional abuse the tools they need to overcome their trauma, take control of their lives and find new purpose.

We are looking for a select group of non-profits and foundations to partner with that share our mission of improving lives and healing trauma.

If you’re interested in joining us, fill out the form below and we’ll connect.


Businesses and Other Groups

The unseen and unacknowledged beliefs of our employees and clients can hold them back from moving forward in their lives. We are partnering with local and national businesses and other groups to help them level-up their mindset and get breakthrough.

If you’re interested in getting your company or group involved in breakthrough, and receiving breakthrough, fill out the form below and we’ll connect.


Let’s Work Together