Key institutions

We focus on three pillars of society where our programs can make the greatest impact and achieve long lasting societal change. It is our goal to partner with aligned organizations and empower leaders whose work can inspire movements aligned with our vision. 

make a difference




Discovering true purpose to maximize potential

The education system is failing our future leaders. Today’s academia is suffering from the loss of academic freedom for both students and faculty.

Without having emotional intelligence taught to them, and often suppressing entrepreneurial initiative in favor of a labor force mentality that stifles innovation, the children we love are being done a huge disservice.

We develop and foster the entrepreneurial mindset and work in education to change the system.


Strengthening parents to raise tomorrow’s leaders

We work with parents to dispel limiting beliefs so they can be the best version of themselves for their family, allowing for greater contribution to the community and society. Nurturing open and honest communication and connection within the family strengthens relationships.

When parents overcome limiting beliefs and break down barriers from their past, they can be the best support and provider for their loved ones.

Building a Culture of Health

Communities have the power to create bottom-up solutions from those closest to the problem. When people feel a greater connection to their community, they are more likely to take care of themselves and also help others.

To build a culture of health, we focus on groups who have suffered traumatic experiences that limit their ability to thrive, such as veterans and survivors of human trafficking.