Key Institutions

Our foundation focused on three pillars of society where our programs can make the greatest impact and achieve long lasting societal change.

Why did we choose these three pillars?

Every community across the country faces its own unique challenges. Our foundation focused on three pillars of society where our programs can make the greatest impact and achieve long-lasting societal change. We are uniquely positioned to drive a culture of self-empowerment, building, and strengthening communities amongst organizations across our Nation.

The Three Pillars

The First Pillar: Education

Discovering True Purpose to Maximize Potential
The American education system is failing our future leaders. Today’s academia is suffering from the loss of academic freedom for both students and faculty. By not teaching emotional intelligence, and often suppressing entrepreneurial initiative in favor of a labor force mentality that stifles innovation. We develop and foster the entrepreneurial mindset.

The Second Pillar: Families

Strengthening Parents Today to Raise Tomorrow’s Leaders.
The Foundation works with parents to dispel limiting beliefs so they can be the best version of themselves for their family, allowing for greater contribution to the community and society as a whole.

Nurturing open and honest communication and connection within the family will strengthen the unit and not unknowing pass on limiting beliefs to others.

Teaching parents the power dispelling limited beliefs and breaking down barriers from their past allowing them to be the best support and provider for their loved ones.

The Third Pillar: Communities

Building a Culture of Health
Communities have the power to create bottom-up solutions from those closest to the problem, not relying on others (top-down government furthest away from the problem) to create the solution for them.

When people feel a greater connection to their community, they are more inclined to take action to improve their own health and the health of others.

To build a culture of health, we focus on groups who have suffered setbacks of greater intensity than the norm. These include:

  • Veterans who have endured traumatic experiences that limit their ability to thrive after returning from service. We Honor their sacrifice by facilitating a mental paradigm shift to maximize their transition and value add to society.
  • CJR: Ensure everyone has the opportunity to improve their lives and unlock their unique potential.

BREAK FREE from your past.
CREATE your future.
DISCOVER your purpose.

Through the process of Breakthrough, individuals are provided with new direction, new possibilities, and best of all, new hope.