Calendar of Events

adult and family events with the krohn breakthrough foundation

Build an Orphanage- Guatemala


August, 2024

Humanitarian Mission: Guatemala

Serve the forgotten of Guatemala – we are doing hands-on  service helping children stay safe, and off the streets and out of the hands of predators and traffickers. For more information, please email [email protected]

Limitless Change Lives

A Family-focused Breakthrough Event

Designed for youth ages 13-17 and their parents, all ages are invited.

Today’s youth are facing enormous and unique challenges. They’re searching for meaning in a chaotic world, and dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, isolation, and more. It’s how we handle these difficulties that determine whether we comeout stronger than before.

We are helping to create a foundation so your kids can handle these challenging times, to empower them – and you, their parents and guardians, so you can be the best version of yourself for your family. Come and experience a life-changing event with your teen or young adult.

Limitless is dedicated to those of you who feel powerless with struggling teens. Together, we will experience proven Breakthrough coaching steps, help you and your kids get unstuck (no matter what life throws at you), create the life you want, develop healthy coping skills, and so much more.

We have several speakers, including Kris Krohn. We’ll have a full lineup soon – please watch our social media and emails for updates.

To register you and your teens for the event, get your tickets, or email [email protected].

Future Events

Additional event information coming soon.