Humanitarian Rescue

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We save lives through humanitarian rescue.

Responding to crises around the world, we help the forgotten, those who are the most vulnerable and troubled in society. We work with local community leaders who are in place to respond and know how to best alleviate suffering. We don’t just hand out life-saving aid, medical supplies, clothing, and food—we also work with an international team of former special forces operators who take people from danger and get them to safety. And we provide Breakthrough coaching to help people overcome the traumatic situations they are experiencing.

In 2022, we conducted two humanitarian missions in Ukraine that saved and changed the lives of countless refugees. There is no price you can put on a person, and our team is trained to do what it takes to rescue everyone we can. We delivered 78,290 tons of humanitarian aid, 300,00 gallons of clean water, 124 tons of food, and built and distributed 480 wood-burning stoves, and other supplies. 

Why Ukraine?

The intense fighting in Ukraine since February 2022 has led to a humanitarian crisis, with millions of people in need. The devastation, trauma and human cost of war will impact generations of Ukrainians to come. A few facts:

  • 8+ million people are displaced inside Ukraine, including more than half of Ukraine’s children.
  • More than 90% of the 4.5 million Ukrainians who fled the country are women and children.
  • Nearly 6,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed.

Our goal

Our goal is to raise $3 million by April 2023 to return to Ukraine for our most impactful mission yet. We will take a new team to conduct more humanitarian aid supply runs, and a select team will conduct more extraction operations to take those who are on the front lines to safety.

Recovery is a long term process and we are committed to helping Ukraine recover in the aftermath of the conflict. We have a lot of partners on the ground who depend on donor funds to continue with their work. We appreciate your support and generosity!

Please note: We don’t work through politicians or governments; instead, we work directly with community leaders to help solve these issues. We deliver humanitarian aid to those in need and save lives by extracting the most vulnerable from the front lines.

Click here for more information on our upcoming mission:

Operation Save Lives: Resilience in Ukraine

Please join us!

Our humanitarian and extraction efforts are just one aspect of our missions; we also offer opportunities for our donors to join us and see first-hand the profound impact of their donations of time, resources, and funds. Participants can engage in various parts of the missions, such as handing out life-saving aid, medical supplies, clothing, and food.

When participants join the humanitarian mission with Kris, they will see first-hand the profound impact of their investment with the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation.

Previous humanitarian missions have been successfully conducted in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Somalia. This service and opportunity will transform anyone involved.