our work in ukraine

Our next mission is spring 2024

save lives in ukraine


Ukraine is still in desperate need.

As the conflict in Ukraine passes the one-year mark, millions of civilians remain displaced and unable to return home. Those still in the country face damaged infrastructure and a lack of access to essential needs like food, water, and healthcare.

The Krohn Breakthrough Foundation is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine with Emergency Aid, providing support directly to those in need through our “boots on the ground” partnerships with vetted partners.

We are bypassing the red tape that has mired the political powers in our country and have gone into Ukraine twice in the past year to hand deliver food, stoves, warm clothing and more. We’re going back in April.

Donate now to help provide emergency support to families whose lives are shattered by conflict in Ukraine. 

Our impact in 2022:

300,000 gallons of clean water

124 tons of food, feeding 100,000+ people

78,290 tons of humanitarian aid

Life-saving treatment for 102 children in critical condition, including NICU babies

480 wood stoves for front-line civilians

Support for 260 orphans in 6 orphanages

What makes us unique? KBF works with highly effective, “boots on the ground,” vetted nonprofit organizations. KBF does not work with governments or political organizations.  The Foundation aligns itself with organizations that serve those with the greatest need and provides the greatest impact, in both efficient and effective ways.