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The partnership between the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation and Fundaninos represents a powerful collaboration aimed at transforming the lives of vulnerable children in Guatemala. With the shared goal of providing lasting support, this partnership combines the resources and expertise of both organizations to create sustainable solutions for education, healthcare, and emotional well-being. By leveraging their respective strengths, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation and Fundaninos can maximize their impact, reaching more children in need and empowering them to build brighter futures. Together, they strive to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and child sex trafficking and create lasting positive change in Guatemala’s communities.

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International Network Of Hearts

The partnership between the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation and the International Network Of Hearts is a beacon of hope for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. By joining forces, these organizations aim to provide comprehensive support and resources to survivors, including safe housing, trauma-informed care, education, and vocational training. Through their collaborative efforts, they work to empower survivors to reclaim their lives, heal from trauma, and build brighter futures. By combining their expertise and resources, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation and International Network Of Hearts are committed to breaking the cycle of exploitation and creating a world where every individual is valued and protected.

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Allied Extract

Allied Extract are trusted partners who identify global needs, develop relief programs and execute humanitarian aid and evacuations in conflict zones. Allied Extract and the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation work together to create lasting impact through sustainable programs.

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Artesans ResQ

Through the purchase of a fully-equipped ambulance and full sponsorship of operational costs, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation enables critical care evacuations from Ukraine to Poland. From critically ill babies to those wounded in war, the injured and infirm are provided world-class medical care and transport to equipped hospitals.

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Bird of Light

From feeding thousands of refugees to providing strategic support to single families, Bird of Light operates within Ukraine to respond to the needs of its people. Be it heat, clothing or food, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation sponsors life-sustaining aid to internally displaced families.