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Krohn Breakthrough Foundation Announces Breakthrough Coaching Event for Teens and Parents

Limitless Change Lives event is set to help teenagers overcome challenges to realize their full potential and grow into future leaders

Provo, Utah. (March 1, 2023): For Immediate Release

Krohn Breakthrough Foundation, a non-profit organization working for social change and humanitarian rescue, announced today that it will be holding a Family-Focused Breakthrough Event, Limitless Change Lives, from March 9 to March 11 in Provo, Utah. Breakthrough Mindset Coaching, developed by founder Kris Krohn, is designed to help people overcome personal struggles and mental hurdles to transform their lives. The Limitless event aims to help youth navigate the unique challenges of growing up to help them realize their full potential.

The event will be led by Kris Krohn, along with a lineup of renowned motivational speakers and mentors. They will be reaching down deeper into the youth of today to help them see that they are leaders of tomorrow. The goal is to help the teenagers break free from a limiting mindset of a victim to an empowering mindset of a leader. Further, the event will guide parents, who feel powerless to help their struggling teenagers, to be the best supporter and model for their children. The parents will grow and relate, and in many cases become aware of this new generation’s challenges.

“Today’s teens face enormous pressure and challenges in their lives,” said Heather Berry, executive director at KBF. “We empower them with the tools and skills such as resilience, flexibility, and personal power to overcome challenges and reach their true potential.”

The foundation claims the event will be life-changing for teenagers, and will help them create a better future. It is the first in a series of events where they are raising funds to create the change needed to build a stronger country, community, and family bonds.

About Krohn Breakthrough Foundation

The Krohn Breakthrough Foundation focuses on changing lives and saving lives by breaking barriers, and positively impacting individuals and communities worldwide. The Founder Kris Krohn along with his Executive Director Luis Vega is creating lasting effect both domestically and abroad through bold actions. The foundation is focused on changing lives through breakthrough coaching and saving lives through humanitarian rescue. The impact is documented and has been creating a ripple effect worldwide with adults and families. The foundation’s impact is only possible through their donors, where the funds are reaching the people in need in the way of supplies and assistance in Ukraine, their most recent focus of humanitarian rescue.

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